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 fantastic Landscape, black and white Infrared Felsformationen, clouds Autumn, walking in the Park Mountains and Ocean Waterfalls, Rainbows, Wailua Waterfall in Hawaii, Brautschleier near Salazie, Plitvicer Seen Hiking in Karwendel, Stepbergalm and Kramerspitze, Zugspitze Monastery Andex, Ilka panorama height, moraine hill, Tutzing, Lake Starnberg Walking in the foothills of the Alps, Herzogstand Cable car, Heimgarten ridge walk, Kochelsee, Walchensee power plant Upper Bavarian town Wasserburg on river Inn, Red Bridge, Brucktor, St. Jakob's parish church, historic town hall pillar, shopping arcades, Red Tower, Heiliggeist Hospital, River Inn Loop Lake Chiemsee, Prien, Herreninsel, Fraueninsel, Krautinsel, Gstadt, Palace Herrenchiemsee, fairy tale King Ludwig Prien am Chiemsee, Herreninsel, Fraueninsel, Palace Herrenchiemsee, fairy tale King, Kampenwand via ferrata Chiemsee Schifffahrt, Fraueninsel, Herreninsel, Herbststimmung Chiemsee, Prien, Herreninsel, Fraueninsel, Krautinsel, Gstadt, Schloß Herrenchiemsee, König Ludwig Chiemsee Schifffahrt, Fraueninsel, Herreninsel, Herbststimmung Kampenwand via ferrata, Cabin cable car in thick fog, Aschau Castle Bergtour Zugspitze, Zugspitzplatt, Wanderungen rund um den Eibsee, Karwendelgebirge Wallfahrtsort Hohenpeissenberg, Rokokokirche, traumhafte Nebelstimmung Prince Tegernberg, Maria Dank Kapelle, Degerndorf, Starnberger See, Bergpanorama, Zugspitze Mountain hiking Baumgartenschneid, Riederstein chapel, pilgrimage path, pilgrimage site, Madonna in the rock Wallberg, Tegernsee, Leonhardstein Lake Starnberg, Ammerland, Tutzing Tegelberg, Gelbe Wand Klettersteig, Forggensee, St. Coloman, Tegelberg Kabinenseilbahn, Branderschrofen Starnberger See, Buchscharner Seewirt, Seeseiten, #Tutzing, #Ilkahöhe, Kloster Andechs, #Kochelsee, magisches Licht Wank, Kabinenseilbahn, Garmisch Partenkirchen, Zugspitze Prince Tegernberg, magisches Sonnwendfeuer, Burschenschaft, Degerndorf, Maria Dank Kapelle, Starnberger See, Phšnix aus der Asche, Zugspitze  Trekking, hicking, walking  Landscape & Travel / black & white Infrared: start photoshow on page 1

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Black & white infrared photography

Black and white infrared technology is great for expressive landscape photography.
Black and white infrared photos are very clear, the long-wave infrared light penetrates the haze far better than the shorter-wave daylight. Green areas reflect infrared light very well and look very bright - almost snow-covered.
The Konica Infrared SW 750 film is exposed with very low 25 ASA film speed, so be sure to use a tripod.
Who knows a digital camera whose chip reacts very well to infrared light ?
Please post your experiences in my forum Digital photography.
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