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Elbsandstone Mountains - Saechsische Schweiz

The Elbsandstone Mountains - also named as Saechsische Schweiz - is a real hicking paradise. The Limestone rocks rise vertical up to 400 m into the sky. From the easy walking for families with childs up to a challenging climbingtour for professionals, all is possible.
The Elbsandstone Mountains were formed in the Cretaceous period approx 100 Millionen years in the past caused by sedimentation on the sea floor. Before ending the Cretaceous period, the lithosphere of the earth lifted and the former sea floor migrated to mainland. The bizarre Limestone world was formed in millions of years though the eroding force of the water and wind from a approx 600 m thick Sandstone plate.
The for the Elbsandstone Mountains typical Limestone Table Mountains described as "Stones" were build, like Koenigstein, Lilienstein, Zirkelstein or Pfaffenstein.
Since 1898 a nostalgic electric tram, the Kirnitzschbahn operates between Bad Schandau and the Lichtenhainer Waterfall.
Since 1905 the Ostrauer peaple elevator connects Bad Schandau with the 50 m higher located Ostrauer Scheibe, a very good starting point for trips into the Schrammstein region. The Elbsandstone Mountains belong to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.
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