Elbsandstone Mountains - "Formation history"

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Sea ground

The Elbsandstone Mountains were build in the Cretaceous period about 100 Million years in the past through coral algae sedimentation on the Sea ground.
Even before the Cretaceous period ended, the Earth's crust lifted and made the previous Sea ground to the mainland.
The bizarre rock formations were formed over millions of years by the erosive power of water and wind from an approximately 600 m thick sandstone layer.
It originated the designated as "Stones" and for the Elbsandstone Mountains typical table mountains, like Koenigstein, Lilienstein, Zirkelstein or Pfaffenstein.

In the loose sandstone layers one easily finds the fossilized remains of marine animals.
River Elbe loop at Koenigstein
Bright yellow sulfur lichens grow on the blackened sandstone rocks.

Ostrauer passenger elevator

Since 1905 the Ostrava passenger elevator connects Bad Schandau, with its 50 meters higher Ostrava plate, the Nobel district of Bad Schandau and a good starting point for hikes in Schrammstein territory. The bridge at a dizzy height connects the imposing steel structure with the forest path to Ostrava.
Ostrauer passenger elevator

Kirnitzsch valley tramway

Build in the year 1898 for climber, walker and spa guests, the electrial driven tramway connects Bad Schandau with the Lichtenhainer Waterfall. The romantic Tramway line, provided with several stops is 8 km long. During the summer months, the tramway operates every half hour and costs currently about 4 Euro for a round-trip.

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