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Earth - Water - Fire - Air
Big Island:
Driving with a for-wheel drive car along the Saddle Road to the 4205 m high Mauna Kea. On the top there are the biggest Observatories of the world.
Swimming with Dolphins in the Hilton Waikoloa Resort Hotel
Rodeo and Wildwest Feeling at the Parker Ranch.
Waipio Valley, the valley of the Kings.
Volcanos National Park:
from the Chain of Craters Road you can see the glowing Lava of the Kilauea Volcano flowing in the sea. An indelible Adventure is the Helicopterflight from Hilo Airport over the edge of the Pu'u O'o crater.
Kailua Kona:
Iron Man Triathlon
Snorkel at the Kahalu'u Beach Park nearby Alii Drive
Sunset on the top of the 3055 m hhigh Haleakala Crater.
60 km Downhill, very fast Downhill to the sealevel with special bicycles.
Road to Hana (Highway 360), 617 curves and 56 bridges lie between Paia and Hana
Kihei Canu Club, Wind- and Kitesurfing
In a spectacular Underwaterglastunnel in the Maui Ocean Center you can whatch huge mantas and sharks.
Hicking to the famous Seven Sacred Pools, Pools leading down to the ocean in steps enable bathing in freshwater.
Ke'e Beach, Palm beach and startpoint of the Napali Trails.
Lydgate Park
Grand Canyon of the Pacific ocean, more then 1000 m deap canyons, grandiose light and emotion.
Napali coast:
Kokee State Park, Pihea Trail - one of the most rainy places in the world
Wailua Falls and Opaekaa Falls are beautiful waterfalls.
Helicopterflight along the Napali coast, Waimea Canyon, Waterfalls, Startpoint is Lihue Airport.
Pearl Harbour
Skyscrapwer and Hula Bands on the Waikiki beach.
Diamond Head Crater
Kailua Beach, the most beautiful beach of the whole USA
Palm beach at the Hanauma Bay, Snorkel paradise

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