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Paragliding on the Lycian Coast in Oludeniz Turkey

The Turkish beach resort Oludeniz located on the Lykian Coast ist world-famous for Paragliding. A narrow dusty road leads up to the Paragliding starting points of 2000 m high Babadag mountain. My Pilot of Easy Rider for the Tandem jump is an elder man, but a funny gay. He harnesses me like an animal and conjures so to "run" when starting as fast as I will be able. The command "Run" and we run strapped close to each other on a concrete clinker runway downhill a slope onto the dangerous escarpment. The paraglider unfolds and lifts us for a short time into the air. But the starting speed is to low due to our high Tandem weight, we drop down and schleifen über die Betonpiste. Shortly before the escarpment we came to a stop, but rather lying - That was a close shave, thank God we are both unharmed :o))
My pilot unstrappes us calmly and grabs the paraglider together. He wants me on the next trial running much faster, then the start would possibly work ! But should I even dare a second attempt to start under these dangerous conditions ? We face again at the top of the start queue. After 20 minutes of long waiting, we are finally ready to takeoff again. Now our tandem paragliding start attempt is watched by all waiting Paragliders. As we start running, we were guided by a hundredfold scream "Run, Run, Run, ...". Motivated by this mental support I run like for my life onto the dangerous escarpment, the unfolding paraglider pulls on my shoulder belt against me. The air cushion lifts us up, I just continue running, driven by the hundred times shouts and my strong will to survive. When the runway edge is reached, by a hair's breadth we scratch a pasing rock. Hurra - we just managed it, we are flying !!! Continued on Page 2 ...
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