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Flying high above the Salzburg Land

Briefing at 8.15 o'clock in the freedom center opposite the hotel Filzmooser HofFilling the colorful balloon envelope with Hot Air
  • Careful study ot the newest weather maps is essential for life
  • Short briefing of the pilots, all decide to start
  • Dense fog lies on the meadow of the starting place in front of the bishop's hat (bishop's miter)
Spooky Scene when setting up the Hot Air Balloons
  • Fill the balloon envelope first with a fan, then with fire bursts from the gas burner
  • Held by strong workers on the ground the balloon unfolds, now get in quickly and here we go
  • Some strong fire bursts and the hot air balloon lifts off, now there is no turning back
  • Everything is happening very quickly, so keep your digital camera ready to shoot
Balloon start in thick fogHot Air Balloon above the sea of fog and clowds
  • The balloon rises like an elevator, our ears crack tremendous
  • Suddenly glistening sun, the balloon hovers directly above the thick fog looking like cotton candy and throws his shadow on the sea of fog
  • More and more balloons apeare out from the fog sea
  • Our balloon rises rapidly, drifting onto the Dachstein rock ridge
  • Our pilot must heat the gas burner properly, the GPS altimeter indicates 3350 m above sea level
  • Over us only the wafer-thin, in the sunlight glowing balloon silk
  • Despite the large altitude in the wicker basket prevails a pleasant warmth, the air in the balloon envelope is indeed about 90-120 degrees hot
  • The competition balloons are rising rapidly higher and move up to about 6000 m altitude flying over the Alps and landing in Italy near Venice, thank God I'm not in there !
Soaring highHot Air Balloon on 3500 m altitude above the snowcovered Alps
  • On board there is an eerie silence, only disturbed by the short roar of the burner or radio instructions to the ride-on floor crew
  • We feel no wind because the balloon glides with the wind
  • The altimeter shows now 3500 meters above the sea. No dirty airplane window clouds the magnificent view from the balloon to the snowy deeply carved mountain valleys
  • The air is so clear that you can guesse on the horizon the curvature of the earth
Searching for a safe landing siteBalloon shadow moving over the pine forest
  • gently sliding over a snowy mountain forest downto Ramsau village
  • suddenly the wind direction changes and our wicker basket clips the pine treetops - a dangerous situation
  • but our Russian pilot keeps cool, strong fire bursts from the gas burners let the balloon quickly rise again
  • hopefully is enough balloon gas in the bottles ?
  • when the balloon gas runs out, it can get very uncomfortable and extreme dangerous - the hot air in the balloon envelope cools rapidly down, the balloon then decreases at 5 m / sec, as fast as a military parachute
  • Search new landing site, but anywhere high-voltage power lines, houses, roads, fences ?
  • The balloon shadow moves over the tree tops of the pine forest
  • then smooth Councillor landing in the deep snow on a meadow - succeeded
Wet Happy graduation ceremonyBalloon envelope stowed in the blue bag
  • fast the balloon envelope is stowed and then we go to strait on to a pub ...
  • Hot Air balloon baptism by burn a ringlet, fire extinguish with french champagne
  • Nobility title: Count Erich of Ramsau, the quaint knight of the air - it was my very first Hot Air Balloon flight :o))

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