Bayer Airship floating above Palace Schleissheim Munich

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For the 150 years company anniversary the Bayer Pharma-Konzern coming from Leverkusen organises a Airship Worldtour. One Worldtour Location is Munich, as take-off site for the Airship Bayer was allocate the Airbase Oberschleissheim, near the outback department for airplanes of the German Museum. The bluegreen Bayer Airship with the advertising slogans "150 Years Bayer" and "Science for a better Live" is no conventional Airship filled with Helium, but a kind of controllable Hot Air Balloon.
Certificate Bayer Airship flight above Palace Schleissheim
The 30 minute trip leads us around Palace Schleißheim. The small Airship has space in his Gondola for four people - Pilot plus three passengers. Crew and passengers can talk during the flight over in the noise protection headphones integrated voice radio. The Airship moves absolut quit, the roaring gas burner we do not hear.
More Locations on the Bayer Airship Worldtour are Berlin, Hamburg, Barcelona, New York, Shanghai, usw. After the exciting trip with the Hot Air Airship we get a Certificate from the Bayer Crew and we get ennobled as royal Airship-Driver.
Important characteristics of the Bayer Airship:
Length: 41 m, diameter 12,8 metre, 3000 cubic metre Air-Volume in der Airship balloon envelope consisting of silicone coated Nylon texture "Hyperlast", maximum take off weight 900 Kilograms, maximum speed 40 km/h, operating save until 20 km/h ground wind speed (flag flaping equals 12 Knoten), propelling force 65 PS Rotax two-strike engine, ascending force double gasburner with a heating power of 6.000 PS, comfortable gondola four seated for Pilot, Co-Pilot (in front) plus 2 passengers (backseats).
Bayer Airship control and navigation panel
Weblinks: Bayer Airship on Facebook, Bayer Airship Worldtour
Many thanks to the very friendly Bayer Airship Team and the Pilot Heimo Wendel­stein for the great Airship Event in Munich.

German Museum Airbase Schleissheim

On the runway of the Airbase Schleissheim we visit a airworthy russian Antonow An-2, a nostalgic biplane. With this old russian double decker airplane you can book sightseeing flights over bavarian alpine upland, Lake Starnberg, Ammer lake, etc. The Bayer Airship flies direct over the nostalgic Antonow in the direction of Schleissheim Palace.
The Biplane Antonow An-2 was developed after Worldwar II in the UdSSR and is operated until today for civil and also military purposes. With the strong radial engine with 1.000 PS and the advantageous aerodynamics (double decker wings) the Antonow An-2 is content with extrem short runways.
Bayer Airship Gondola
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