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 Berlin Alexanderplace, Halescher Market, Gendarmenmarket, Bahnhof Zoo, Gold Else, Crazy Berlin, Brandenburger Tor, Unter den Linden, Bode Museum, Museum Island German Capital City Berlin, Glass dome of the German Reichstag, Deutscher Bundestag, French Dom Cologne Dom, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gothic Cathedral Kölle Alaaf, Heumarkt, Rheinbridges, Hotel Maritim   City Trips / Crazy Berlin: start photoshow on page 1

Sightseeing in the Megacity Berlin

A few hours relaxing between boaring meetings I use for a ultimative stroll through the German Capital and Megacity Berlin, here the Highlights:
Alexanderplace, Hackescher Market with the crazy painted backyards, Friedrich street, Jendarmenmarket, French Dom, shopping center Lafayette, Unter den Linden, the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag dome, Museum island and Bodemuseum on the river Spree - more was not possible in the short time :o))
Berlin air - Berlin seen from above: Good viewpoints are the television tower at Alexanderplatz (203 m), Victory Column (Goldelse, 69 m, 285 steps) with a view over the animal garden, the Church tower of the French Cathedral at the Jendarmenmarkt - the almost 90-year-old steel grid Radio tower (125 m) at the exhibition grounds in Charlottenburg, roof terrace and dome of the Berlin Reichtags building, ....
Travel warning: On 19.12.2016 a Polish saddle truck controlled by a Tunisian Islamist raced at 20.02 clock in the Christmas market on the Breitscheid place at the Berlin memory church near the station Zoo and caused a massacre.
Result: 12 deaths and 48 seriously injured people. The Polish truck driver was previously murdered by the Tunisian assassin. The Islamic Tunisian murderer travelled to the island of Lampedusa with one of the many refugee boats on the central refugee route across the Mediterranean Sea.
Although he had been condemned from several Italian law courts to imprisonment for several years by various serious crimes, he was able to easily enter Germany by the german "Welcome Policy for All Asylants of the World", which was propagated by German Chancellor Merkel, without examining his personal details. The Tunisian authorities had previously refused to take back their Criminal citizens.
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Keywords: Megacity Berlin, Alexanderplace, Reichstag, Gendarmen Market, Bahnhof Zoo, Gold Else, Brandenburger Tor, Unter den Linden, Museum Island
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