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Longtailboat-tour in the Phang Nga Bay


Bangkok -> Khao Lak -> Khao Sok Nationalpark -> Cheow Lan See -> Ao Nang -> Krabi -> Ko Lanta -> Ko Phi Phi -> Phuket -> Phang Nga Nationalpark -> Naithon Beach

Khao Sok Nationalpark

Jungle-Hiking, Canoeing tours
GPS canoeing tour GPS-Track of the canoeing tour in Khao Sok Nationalpark (7 km)

Cheow Lan lake storage reservoir

Boat jetty for hiking into the limestone cave Nam Tha Loo Bizarre limestone mountains, Longtail Boottour and hiking to the limestone cave Nam Tha Loo at the end of the lake.Entrance to the limestone cave Nam Tha Loo
The can get extremely dangerous if heavy tropic rain suddenly occures, 7 Tourists have been drowned until now. On our 2 hours walking tour we had to cross rivers 16 times.
GPS Longtail Boattour GPS-Track of the Cheow Lan Longtailboat Tour (28,6 km)

Ao Nang

In Ao Nang dominates mass tourism, it is like Mallorca of Asia.

Longtailboat daytours

Ao Nang Beach -> Chicken Island -> Tub Islands -> Poda Island -> Phranang Cave Beach -> Railay (East) -> Railay (West) -> Ao Nang Beach
In the Phranang cave opfern young Thai women donate Phallus symbols to the fertility god for being "blessed with children".
GPS Longtail Boattour GPS-Track of the Ao Nang Longtail Boattour (30 km)

Hong archipelago

Absolute highlight is driving through a small canal into a crater laguna, wich is called "hong" = chamber in Thai language.

Hiking tours

Hiking up to the summit of Ban Tup Keak mountain. Simple 1.5 to 2 hour hike - at three locations steep wooden ladders must be overcome.
Worth it only at absolutely clear weather conditions. But then you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the islands of Krabi district.
GPS mountain climbing GPS track to the lookout mountain Ban Tup Keak (4,3 km)


Islamic dominated provincial capital.
Harbour exit of Ao Nang

Approaching Tub Islands with speed boat

Sandbank zwischen den Tub Islands

Wat Tham Sua Monastery

The 8 km north of Krabi located forest monastery (Tiger Cave Temple) is one of the most famous monasteries for Meditation theory in whole Thailand. Over stone stairs with 1272 steps we climb the 300 m high limestone mountain with a footprint of Buddha and at goog weather conditions we have a breathtaking 360-Panoramic view. The climb is very strenuous, because the height of the stairs up to 50 cm is different. According to legend, there lived a young monk together with a tiger, who supported him in meditation. Alternatively, a short path leads into a jungle valley with giant trees and meditation caves for the monks. Here is located the last well-preserved lowland primeval forest in the Krabi region.

GPS-Track Tiger Cave Temple GPS-Track climbing 1273 stairs to the summit of Tiger Cave Temple Wat Tham Sua (circa 2 hours)
Giant Tiger at the entrance of Tiger Cave Temple
Pagoda at the entrance to Tiger Cave Temple1273 steep stairs to the summit of Tiger Cave TempleGolden Buddhas at the summit of Tiger Cave Temple

Ko Lanta Island

Ko Lanta you best explore on a island excursion with a scooter (300 Bhat/day).
The north side of Ko Lanta consists of wide sandy beaches without palm trees and Southsea feeling, the south side beeches are covered with mangroves.
At the harbour in Saladan there are many nice Pile dwelling Restaurants.
Students watch the partial solar eclipse on Ko Lanta through exposed black & white filmmaterial.
In southern Thailand, the majority of the population belongs to Islam. Alcohol can only be purchased in a 7-ELEVEN store.

Ko Rock Speedboattour

Crystal clear water, beautiful corals, intact underwaterworld - perfect for snorkelling and diving.
Attention !!! On the beach more then 3 m long lizards lurk for easy prey.


Naithon Beach, quiet but isolated beach with old tree population.The coastal road separates the beach from the hotels.
Good startingpoint for a taxi trip (45 min) to Phang Nga Marine National Park.
Pile dwelling restaurant on Ko Lanta Island

7 Eleven Shop on Ko Lanta
Phileh Bay on Ko Phi Phi Island

Ko Phi Phi

Ko Phi Phi consists of 2 islands: Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh (uninhabited).
Vicking Cave
the Fjord like Phileh Bay is a Paradise for snorkelling
Maya Bay, film location of the fabulous movie "The Beach" with Leonardo di Caprio.
GPS Speedboat Tour around Ko Phi Phi Islands GPS track of the speed boat tour around Ko Phi Phi Don and Ko Phi Phi Leh Islands (43,9 km)

Phang Nga Marine National Park

Start of the boat tour into the Phang Nga Marine National Park at the Ka Som Pier (2500 Bhat pro boat)
James Bond Island
Floating Market on Panyee Island
GPS Longtail Boattour GPS-Track of James Bond Longtailboat Tour (33,5 km)
Floating Market on the Panyee Island in the Phang Nga Marine National Park
Monk in the Suwan Khuba limestone cave

Suwan Khuba Cave

Reclining golden Buddha in the Suwan Khuba limestone cave, outside the cave many hungry monkees are waiting for a banana gift.
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