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Dschunken cruise in southern Thailand on the Dauw Talae The Dschunke Dau Talae, the "Star of the Sea" a replica of by the Portuguese to defend against pirates in China (Macau) built junk LORCHA. The comfortable 25 m long ship is built entirely of wood and cruises in front of the most beautiful islands in the Andaman Sea. The Andaman Sea of Thailand includes a conservation area of around 15,000 square kilometers with about 3,500 islands. In this seascape live many rare birds such as eagles, toucans and milans. Most of the smaller islands are uninhabited and have countless coral sand beaches, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Gigantic seeming bizarre limestone rock formations with many caves and grottoes rise up to 350 meters vertically out of the water. Once they were sea floor, huge coral blocks of the largest coral reef on earth.
The captain of the Dschunke Dauw Talae Raimund has designed himself the beautiful ship made of tropical hardwoods, teak and Hopea odorata on his computer and let it build in a Thai shipyard. His charming Thai wife Duang is the best cook I know.
The meals during the Dschunken cruise, which she conjures up with their crew in the small ship kitchen has five star level. Nowhere else in the world I have eated so excellent as in the six days of Dschunken cruise through the Andaman Sea.
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Travel Diary

1. Day (08.12.2010):
Embarking 12 o'clock on Leam Praow Pear near the Sarasin Bridge in the north of Phuket. Once in the last 2 weeks the weather in the south of Thailand (monsoon rains, thunderstorms, high humidity) was extremely poor, today there is dominating again at last bright sunshine. We are fortunately only 9 cruise participants + Captain Raimund and his wife Duang + 4 other crew members, so that everyone has enough space on the sailing ship. The motor dinghy brings us to the Dau Talae, which is anchored in the middle of the bay. In foreship are two relatively spacious cabins. We get allocated by the captain the cabin portside. The company is named Lazytours, already after 2 hours velvety soft, quieter drive afternoon nap for all is in order. Thereafter swimming in front of the island Ko Ya Wai. Stay in front of the island Ko Phanak in the Phang Nga National Park.
Breakfast at the Lazytours Dschunken cruise on the quarterdeck
2. Day (09.12.):
Boat tour into the Phang Nga National Park, a seascape with bizarre limestone rocks and the famous James Bond rockneadle.
Sunrise in Phang Nga Nationalpark
Paddle boat tour in Phang Nga National ParkA paddle boat ride through the labyrinth of caves, narrow natural tunnels and mangroves forests you must have experienced.
This absolute highlight is followed by a short land passage to James Bond Island. On James Bond Island reigns supreme mass tourism.
White-headed bald eagle in flight over Tup IslandIn the afternoon we're cruising to a lonely island, whose name only Raimund knows and that is a real highlight. On the island live beautiful white-headed bald eagles. We have never observed such majestic raptor birds in flight such close.
Next we go passing the northeastern tip of the luxury island of Ko Yao Noi. Our goal today is the Ko Hong archipelago.
The helmsman of Lazytours picks us up from a lonely island with the dinghy
3. Day (10.12.):
The weather gets growing deteriorating. Captain Raimund uses the freshening wind and lets for the first time on our tour set sail, a majestic sight. In front of Ko Hong (Thai the "room") we go snorkeling and explore the fantastic underwater world of the Andaman Sea. Here, the underwater world is still intact - corals, colorful tropical fish of all sizes, even "Nemo" I've seen.
4. Day (11.12.):
Rough seas during the crossing to Ko Phi Phi. Captain Raimund must take in the sails quickly. The cook Ta (beautiful sister of Duang) offers me a smelling salt - Ta is seasick. Suddenly a thunderbolt from the quarterdeck - a heavy breaker has moved the whole kitchen equipment. After a few hours pitch and toss we drop anchor near the harbour of Ko Phi Phi and with the dinghy leave to the beach.
On Ko Phi Phi Don a company offers Paragliding pulled by a speed boat. Daredevil young Chinese are crazy about the dangerous adventure.
5. Day (12.12.):
Unfortunately, the weather is still so bad that the trip to Ko Phi Phi Leh with the Maya Bay, location of the legendary film "The Beach" with Leonardo Di Caprio, must fail. We continue to Ko Poda, Chicken Island and then Raileh beach. For a good photo, Raimund crosses with the Dauw Talae under full sail in front of Chicken Island. With the dinghy we drive for watching the sunset on the great sandbank between Tup Islands. Stay Overnight in a wind sheltered bay near Poda Island.
6. Day (13.12.):
Under full sailing rig we approach Raileh and Phranang Beach. For the holidaymakers on the beach, we offer the opportunity for a sensational photo subject. Unfortunately, I have never seen the Dauw Talae under full sailing rig from the beach. In shallow water we drive in a marked shipping channel towards Krabi to the end point of the Dschunken cruise.
From a Dauw Talae crew member with kitchen apron we will be picked up from a lonely island by dinghy
The helmsman of the Dauw Talae at work
Ta, the sister of DuangAll crew members are very friendly and kind and read every wish from your eyes. Everyone does all the work on the sailing ship, set sail from the peel to the potato. So it is quite normal that we are driven quickly to a lonely dream beach with tied-around kitchen apron. The left photo shows Ta, the excellent cook and sister of Duang in the small kitchen on the quarterdeck of the Dauw Talae.
Nice views to Chicken Island
Phuket -> Phang Nga -> Ko Hong -> Ko Phi Phi -> Chicken Island -> Railay, Phranang Beach -> Krabi
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