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Bangkok Skyline

Wat Phra Kaeo

The Temple complex Wat Phra Kaeo in the citycenter is the religious heart of Thailand. Here is the home of the more then 500 years old Emerald Buddha (Smaragd Buddha) - which is not allowed to take photos of :o(( Thai people grant godly power to the only 75 cm high Jade-Statue which was discovered in the north of the country and they annex the Emerald Buddha with the destiny of their country. Gigant awesome Temple guards keep watch over the area.
Royal Grand Palace Temple guards in  Wat Phra Kaeo Reclining Buddha in Wat Po
Royal Grand Palace

Grand Palace

The Dusit Maha Prasat in the Palace destrict is the best example for classic Thai-Architecture.

Wat Po

Wat Po is the biggest reclining Buddha of the kingdom Thailand. The golden statue with 45 m length and 15 m in height represents Buddha entering Nirvana.

Wat Arun

Extrem steep stairs lead up to the 2. Plattform (20 m) of the 74 m high Wat Arun Stupa. The with millions of colored small Porcelain pieces decorated landmark of Bangkok looks best at sunrise or sunset.
Steep stairs to the second platform of the Buddhist Temple Wat Arun
A boattrip on the Klongs of Thonburi is not so spectacular as in former times, because of dying of most floating markets. The boring Bangkok skyline can not compete by far with the distinctive skylines of other big cities (for example Shanghai).
Boattrip on the Klongs of Thonburi, in the background Skyline of Bangkok

Temple Mount Wat Saket

318 steps lead up to 79 m high Temple Mount Wat Saket, a beautiful viewpoint.

Accommodation, where to stay during the island hopping in Southern Thailand

Deluxe Bungalow at Lai Thai Resort in Ao Nang

Lai Thai Resort in Ao Nang

For me, the most beautiful little bungalow resort with a family character and lovingly designed interior. In the black-tiled swimming pool, the palm trees and bizarre limestone mountains of Ao Nang mirror. The Lai Thai Resort is situated quiet and tsunami safe, only 10 minutes walk from the beach. Excellent breakfast, very friendly likeable staff. In the Lai Thai Resort every guests wish is really from our eyes.
Deluxe Bungalow in the Lai Thai Resort Ao Nang
Mirroring of the limestone mountains of Ao Nang in the swimming pool of the Lai Thai Resort

Baan Pimphaka Bungalows in Ao Nang

An oasis of calm in the tourist hustle and bustle of Ao Nang is the small bungalow resort Baan Pimphaka. Right hand the entrance to our bungalow (No. 106).
Baan Pimphaka Bungalows in Ao Nang
funny chambermaids at Baan Pimphaka
Bungalows with swimming pool in the Andaman Beach Resort

Andaman Beach Resort on Ko Phi Phi Island

From the harbour on the right hand pasing countless souvenir shops and about 10 minutes walk away is located the Andaman Beach Resort on the Ton Sai Bay.
At low tide the sea in the Ton Sai Bay is extremely shallow - therefore swimming is hardly possible.
Directly at the swimming pool with ocean view are located the most beautiful bungalows (No. 101, 102 and 103).

Art's Riverview Lodge near the entrance of Khao Sok National Park

Treehouses in the Art's Riverview Lodge at the Jungle of Khao Sok National Park
Mosquito net in the Art's River Lodge
The scenic on a river located Art's Riverview Lodge with its original treehouses is a real "Jungle Camp". So the watchful eye remain not hidden the cute Roommates, like 15 cm long scorpions, giant spiders and ants, frogs, praying mantises, cheeky monkeys, monitor lizards, ....
You feel almost like in the television Jungle Camp. Only that there is no Dr.Bob in Khao Sok National Park.
All additional hotels and apartments of the round trip were unfortunately not so good quality that we would like to present here. Either they were too far away from the touristic sights or the rooms were good for nothing. In Naithon Seaview Hotel 50 km north of Phuket They firstly wanted to let us a room in the basement (Garden View) overlooking a sewer cannal, what we of course declined. We then got a better room with balcony facing the beach on the 2nd Floor (No 307). If you know some good accommodations in Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi and the islands of Ko Lanta and Ko Phi Phi, then please post in our Thailand Forum.


The Highways and roads in Souththailand are in very good condition. Due to the high economic growth in recent years, the Thai's almost drive exclusively brand new cars.
Gasoline is sensationally cheap in Thailand, 18 to 20 BAT per liter (about 0.40 Euro).
To the left-hand traffic in Thailand you get used to pretty quickly.

Rent a Scooter

On Ko Lanta island you can rent a scooter for 300 BAT (about 6 Euro) per day. This is extremely cheap and the rent scooters are mostly brand new.
Rent a scooter on the island Ko Lanta

Travel over land, Island hopping

Individual travel (without travel group) from one location to the next works totally without problems. Everywhere in hotels and travel agencies are posted schedules of mini buses, ships, etc. Even in Khao Sok National Park in the Arts Riverview Jungle Lodge is eg the island of Ko Phi Phi written as a tourist destination.


Bangkok -> Khao Lak -> Khao Sok Nationalpark -> Cheow Lan lake -> Ao Nang -> Krabi -> Ko Lanta -> Ko Phi Phi -> Phuket -> Phang Nga Nationalpark -> Naithon Beach


The island world of southern Thailand you best explore on at a whole day longtail boat tour. The daily rent for a longtail boat with driver costs in Ao Nang 2000 BAT (about 45 Euro).
Travel route: Ao Nang Beach -> Chicken Island -> Tub Islands -> Poda Island -> Phranag Cave -> Railay Beach -> Ao Nang Beach.
Total travel distance : 30 km, GPS-Track Longtail-Boattour in Ao Nang

Speedboat to Ko Rock Island
Minibus roadmap in der Art's Riverview Lodge


Speedboat excursions (400 to 500 PS, 70 km/h maximum speed) gibt es z.B. von Ko Lanta zum Ko Rock Island oder rund um Ko Phi Phi.
GPS track of the speed boat snorkeling tour around Ko Phi Phi
Three scheduled ferry boats are going lengthside to change over passengers direct on the open sea

Liners and ferry boats

Liners, scheduled boat service and ferry boats between the islands depart daily and are usually well occupied. Here three scheduled ferry boats are going lengthside to change over passengers direct on the open sea, depending wether the destination is Ko Lanta, Ko Phi Phi
Scheduled boat service shuttles between Ko Lanta, Ko Phi Phi and Phuket
or Phuket. Despite of the crowds the transition of ships works smoothly with our suitcases.

Khao Lak - after the Tsunami

This big Police boat was flung through the power of the Tsunami waves into the heart of the country and lies there since then as warning monument.
Today on many beaches of Thouththailand there are Tsunami warning and information signs with arrows for the escape direction.
For a small charge you can let send a text message (SMS) on your mobile phone in case of Tsunami alert.
Police boat thrown inland by the force of the Tsunami waves
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