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Pixelcalculator for highresolution Photoprints, Inkjet printer, Laserprinter

Pixelcalculator for highresolution Photoprints

Resolution: DPIfor Photoprints in high Quality
PixelMegapixelPhotosize in cm
horizontalvertical horizontalvertical
A characteristic establish the high resolution inkjet printer with manufacturer information up to 5760 dpi.
This high resolution is reached in a so called raster scan, i.e. for one single image point several print points are required, um die bei Fotos übliche Farbvielfalt und Brillanz zu erzielen.
Hier können also analog professionellen Belichter-Services ebenfalls Bildauflösungen von 200 - 300 dpi für hochqualitative Drucke verwendet werden.

Inkjet printer
DIN A4DIN A3 Incjet-Special photopaper and Tinte are very expensive,
Laserprinter are more cost efficient
Exposure on Photopaper
per laser beam
(50x70 cm)
über professionelle Belichter-Services,
beim Fotohändler oder im Internet

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