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Aeolian Islands - Alicudi, Filicudi, Lipari, Panarea, Salina, Stromboli, Vulcano

Island Vulcano - Hiking to Gran Cratere

Starting at the port of Vulcano the one hour path leads over sparsely vegetated ash slopes steeply up to the Vulcano crater rim. A circular path on the crater rim (highest point 391 m) provides magnificent views into the 200 m deep Caldera and to the neighboring islands Vulcanela, Lipari, Panarea and Stromboli.
You can quickly go through the hot sulfur clouds, but don't breathe or inhale the corrosive, poisonous vapors. The GPS track shows the way through the witches cauldron. Threatening seam the earth fissures lined with bright yellow sulfur. When will come the next earthquake ?

Hot natural thermal Fango mud bath

After the strenuous walk crater you can bathe your weary limbs in the hot sulfur Fango mud. But be careful, the bestial stinking mud penetrates deep into the skin, and the intense smell pursued any one then at least one week long :o((
Thereafter we use the natural whirlpool in the sea. Boiling hot steam bubbles rise from the ocean floor up and are massaging your bruised back. A cure of the health insurance company can not act better. Dangerously close moves the huge Siremar ferry towards Milazzo

Bathing at the black lava beach

Fine black lava sand in the bay of Porto di Ponente (near the Hotel Les Sables Noirs beach chair rent) invites us to swim. Small hike (45 min) on Vulcanella to the Valley of monster. The bizarre lava formations look like dinosaurs. Then a short trip to the crater rim of Vulcanello.
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Best travelseason (without warranty) for Eolian Isles
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