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Palace Schoenbrunn in Vienna

After the victory of the Austrians over the Turks in 1683, Emperor Leopold I, starts the construction of the most beautiful palace in Austria. In 1694 the foundations of the palace built after a design by the renowned architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach. The last phase of construction was completed in 1749 after Empress Maria Theresa had designed the Rococo style baroque building. Emperor Franz Joseph was born in the palace, Napoleon celebrated his victory here. In the years 1814 and 1815 met the Schoenbrunn Palace, the Vienna Congress, taking place today in the splendor of the imposing palace with garden state banquets.
As a visitor, you enter the Palace through the beautifully designed courtyard. From the 1,441 rooms of the Palace are 40 accessible as show rooms for the visitors.
The Gloriette was built in 1775 as an early Classicist colonnade monument on a hilltop. The palace consists of a triumphal arch-like middle part along with airy round-arched arcades wings. The glassed central part is crowned and surrounded by trophies with a mighty imperial eagle on the globe. The flat roof is bordered by a balustrade and was used at the beginning of the 19th Century as a viewing platform for visitors. The panoramic view of the 60 m below the Schoenbrunn Palace, the park, the city of Vienna and the vineyards is breathtaking. In the central building of the Gloriette is a café.
In 1996, the Schoenbrunn Palace was added on the occasion of the 20th Session of the World Heritage Committee in 1972 founded to the List of UNESCO World Heritage sites.
In the corral there is a Coaches Museum. The heart of the exhibition is the baroque Coronation Coach built in the Year 1764. Around 200 years the magnificent companions came in use at state celebrations and still forms the highlight of the imperial fleet of sedan chairs, sleighs and carriages.
A major attraction in the gardens of Schoenbrunn Palace is the oldest existing zoo in the world, Tiergarten Schoenbrunn.
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