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German Museum Aircraft works Schleissheim

On the air field of the aircraft works Schleissheim stands an airworthy Russian Antonov An-2, a nostalgic biplane. With the biplane you can make scenic flights over the foothills of the Alps, Lake Starnberg, Lake Ammer, etc. The Bayer airship flies directly over the on the airfield parked Antonov towards Schleissheim Palace.
The Russian An-2 biplane was developed after the Second World War in the USSR and is flown for civilian and military use until today. With the strong radial engine of 1000 PS and the perfect aerodynamics (biplane wings) the An-2 requires only extremely short take-off and landing runways.
Important characteristics of the Bayer airship:
Length: 41 m, diameter of the airship envelope 12.8 meters, 3000 cubic meters of air volume in the airship envelope consisting of silicone-coated nylon fabric "Hyperlast" maximum takeoff weight of 900 kg, speed 40 km/hour can be used up to 20 km/hour (equivalent to 12 knots) surface wind speed (flags fluttering in the wind), drive 65 PS Rotax two-stroke engine, boost dual burners with a heat output of 6,000 PS, gondola with four seats for pilot, co-pilot plus two passengers.
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