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Hot Air Ballooning / Munich from birds-eye view

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Hot Air Ballooning above the city of Munich

A Munich crossing by hot air balloon is a unique experience. On 03/29/2014 after a long wait on best weather conditions finally our chance has come. We meet at 6 clock in the morning on Hohenbrunn S-Bahn station (S7). The weather conditions are fine. Stefan Prestel, the head of Limes Ballooning in Aying and our pilot lets quickly fly a small balloon for a last check. The wind blows slightly from southeast - ideal for our forthcoming Munich crossing. At 6:40 o'clock we start from a nearby field. The southeast wind drives us about boring moon-towns in the south of Munich like Neuperlach, Giesing, Pasing, in the direction of Fuerstenfeldbruck. Slowly we realize that we won't drive over a single landmark of Munich at all. Marienplatz, Viktualienmarket, Courtyard garden, English Garden, Chinese Tower, Lehel, Maximilianeum, Peace Angel, public baths, German Museum, Olympic Park, Nymphenburg Palace, etc. all are unreachable and miles away for us in the haze. Now Stefan Prestel of Limes Ballooning also notes, that he has chosen the launch site much too far south. My GPS track of the balloon trip with Limes Ballooning shows very clearly that we would have to start a few kilometers north (eg Putzbrunn) to drive over all the highlights of Munich close to admire from above. Too bad - from the unforgettable experience of Munich crossing in a hot air balloon is therefore unfortunately nothing left :o((
Hot Air Ballooning is a matter of luck, the wind is capricious and can change direction at any time. But for our botched "flight" I am of the opinion that a little more care and experience in the selection of the starting place would have made a successful Munich "from the birds eye" Balloon flight possible.
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