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Nymphenburg Palace

The Nymphenburg Palace was built in 1664 Elector Ferdinand Maria as a gift to his wife Adelheid of Savoy, as she had borne him Max Emanuel the long-awaited heir to the throne. Max Emanuel himself later had a major role in the expansion of the castle. In the Contract of Nymphenburg in 1741, France, Spain, Bavaria and Saxony allied with Prussia against Austria. 1747 founded Max III. Joseph the famous Nymphenburg porcelain factory.
The Nymphenburg Palace has been for a long time the summer residence of the Wittelsbach family.
King Maximilian I died 1825 in the Palace Nymphenburg, his great-grandson King Ludwig II was born in 1845 here. 1863 the only meeting between Ludwig and Otto von Bismarck was held in Palace Nymphenburg.
By the 1918 revolution, the Nymphenburg Palace came under the crown assets management, then in state ownership (Bavarian Administration of State-owned Palaces, Gardens and Lakes). However, the Wittelsbach retained a limited right of residence, which is used by the respective head of the House of Wittelsbach (Franz of Bavaria).
During the Second World War, the palace remained spared from severe damage, except of a direct hit that destroyed the Palace Chapel. As part of the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, the Olympic equestrian competitions were performed infront of the scenes of Nymphenburg Palace.
The Nymphenburg Palace Park with its statues, lakes and temples of pleasure is one of the largest and most important garden art works in Germany.
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