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 Peking, Military, Tiananmen Square, Mao Emperor palace, Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, Chinese wall Kungfu Theater Kaiserstadt Xi'an, city wall, Trommelturm, Wildganspagoda, Buddhismus Terrakotta Army, Soldiers Tai Ji dance, Shaolin Kloster, Longmen Grotten, Luoyang Skyline Shanghai, Skyscraper, Megacity, Bund Longhua Tempel, Chinese medicine, alternative medicine, Acupuncture Suzhou, Venice of east, Water village Wuhzen, Gondoliere Yangtze cruise, cruise liner, Qutang Blasebalgschlucht, Wu Hexenschlucht, Xiling Yangtze Seitenarm, rowing boat, Three Gorges Dam at Yangtse river Ghost city Fengdu Limestone mountains, Yangshou, Watertheater City Guilin, Li river Cormorant fisherman Rice terraces in Longsheng, ethnic Minority in China, Miao, Zhuang, Dong Beijing roast duck, grilled scorpions Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family, finest chinese Porcelain Guangzhou, Canton, Hongkong, Cable Car Chinese police, retirees, working life, silk factory Chinese Girls, Chinese tourists, Konsum, Kapitalismus pur, iPhone  Where to stay, Hotels and Apartments Pay attention Trekking, hicking, walking cool Design Calendar China in pdf-Format free download  China / Empire in the middle: start photoshow on page 1

Dream or Nightmare ? Adventures of a four week trip in the modern China

The Chinese them selves are very travelfriendly people and more then 300 Million Chinese brought it to remarkable economic prosperity. Therefore dominates in China at nearly all places of interest absolute mass tourism. Long waiting queues infront of the ticket counters, hundreds of travelling hawkers and Souvenirshops make it difficult to get inside the places of interest. In comparison to other Asian countries the cultural and scenic places of interest of China are very poor. The few in the Mao period not destroyed highlights are so crowded and touristic exploited, that the sightseeing gives no pleasure to us.
The real potential of China lies in it's friendly people, everytime good for a joke. These friendly chinese people form the core topics of my photoblog from the Empire in the middle.
Best Travelseason (without warranty) for China - Empire in the middle:
Best Travelseason (without waranty) for Empire in the middle
Beijing (Nighttrain) -> Xi’an (Chinese ICE) -> Luoyang -> Shaolin Monastery -> Zhengzhou (Flight) -> Shanghai -> Suzhou (Bus) -> Wuzhen -> Shanghai (Flight) -> Wuhan (Bus) -> Yichang – Yangtze Cruise (4 days) -> Megacity Chongqing -> Guilin (Flight) -> Yangshuo (Boatstrip on the Li River) -> Longshen (Bus) -> Kanton (Flight) -> Hongkong (Ferry)
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