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Erzgebirge / Thermalbath Wiesenbad

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Erzgebirge, Erz Mountains in Saxony

Thermal bath Wiesenbad

In the middle of the wilderness of the Erz Mountains, where the wolves howl and Fox and Rabbit say good night is located the Rehabilitation Clinic Thermalbath Wiesenbad, also called Therme Miriquidi.
The rehabilitation clinic Miriquidi enjoys an excellent reputation and specializes in polio late effects and diseases of the spine. The integrated thermal swimming pool with various hot water whirlpools, steam sauna and great jacuzzi invites us to relax. During our long Nordic walking and jogging runs in the lonely woods above the thermal bath Wiesental we rarely met a person, an ideal place for Burnout damaged managers and business clowns. A perfect viewpoint over the beautiful Erzgebirge landscape is the always open Bismark tower above the rehabilitation clinic Miriquidi.
An evening walk leads us unerringly into the near Cafe Sophie. As an original decoration spa guests have donated countless old coffee pots.
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