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Carnaval Tenerife

In the week before and the week after our Shrove Sunday the famous Carnival takes place on Tenerife - a colorful image with original and gorgeous costumes and lots of music. Day and night is celebrated in the streets.
Highlights are the big parades of Carnival cars on Shrove Tuesday in Santa Cruz and on the following Sunday in Puerto de la Cruz, which is comparable in colors, rhythm, temperament and vitality almost with the Rio Carnival in Brazil.
Further information and dates can be found on the official Carnaval de Tenerife webpage.
Carnaval de Tenerife

Hiking up volcano Teide summit

Starting from the high plateau Las Canadas the trail leads through the lunar landscape of Montana Blanca, passing huge volcanic Teide eggs, up to the mountain hut Refugio de Altavista. Then the steep climb to the Teide crater rim and the volcano Teide summit begins.
GPS-Track hiking up volcano Teide summit (16,5 km) GPS-Track hiking up volcano Teide summit (16,5 km)

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