Munich Skyline seen from the tower of the German Museum
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Oktoberfest Munich, the biggest folks festival in the world

Oktoberfestival Masskrug (bavarian beer mug) ... one, two, three ... gsuffa  one, two, three ... gsuffa

The old "Wiesen" under the Bavaria is the biggest hit on the high-tech Octoberfestival in Munich.

-> Photos from the Octoberfestival Munich
Octoberfestival old Wiesen

Munich's cool beachbar

Munich's unique beachbar and cool youth meatingpoint on the Cornelius bridge near the German Museum is an insider tip.
Fine Sand from the ocean, hot Rythmen, Boats and wellmixed Cocktails at sunset make Caribbean feeling pure.
Even the bus no. 52 has got a new temporary stop "Beach".

The location for the Munich beach bar changes sometimes from year to year, so another location is the Prater island in the middle between the river Isar and the channel near the "Kabelsteg" bridge.

Isar Webcam near Flauchersteg over river Isar in Munich
Munichs coolest beachbar near German Museum

Munichs cool beachbar near German Museum
Sightseeing flightwith with Tante JU

Nostalgic sightseeing flight with "Tante JU"

An outstanding highlight is the sightseeing flight with the nostalgic JU-52 over the Oktoberfest and the citycenter of Munich.
From the propeller aircraft flying slowly at low altitude you can shoot excellent photographs from the earth.

Early resevation is absolutely required.

The river Isar in Munich

River Isar near Volksbad and Maximilaneum in Munich

The course of the wild river Isar through the citycenter of Munich near German Museum, Folksbath, golden Peace Angel statue, ... with his beautiful bridges and gravelbanks for sunbathing belongs to the most beautiful in the World. Crowning finish forms a roundtrip in the English Garden with the Chinese Tower and lake Kleinhesselohe. Popular by surfer is the standing wave beim Haus near the house of art in Prinzregenten street.
GPS biketour GPS-Track of the whiteblue bicycletour along the river Isar
The water of the Isar is very clear and clean, so You can enjoy bathing in summer.

High above on top of the Olympia tent roof

GPS Olympiatent roof tour GPS-Track of the Olympia tent roof tour

The Sky walk on the Olympia tent roof is a challenging altitude advanture with terrific outlook on Munich and the Alpenvorland.
In small groups (ca 12 Pers.) secured by rope and carabiner we climb the roof of the world famous Olympiastadion. Two friendly Tourguides explain to us during a two hours walking the Architecture, building history and Construction at close range.

Before starting the sky walk, You see a short Film which explaines the building of the Plexiglas Stadion roof and we get safety instructions. Photo- or filmcameras are only allowed to take with You, if they are safely fixed. Things dropping down out of 40 m elevation can get dangerous to life bullets.

Well assured we walk on a metall catwalk with handrail latched in a steelrope fixed in the floor, so we get no acrophobia :o))
For safe walking on the metall carriers suit antislip sneakers.

Before climbing up to the tentroof top we are devided in two groups. The first group takes the tentroof needle in front of us, the second group concentrates on the needle behind. This idea is very good - in this manner all members of the sky walk get the change to shot superphotos.

It's an impressive feeling to sit on one of the Olympiatent rooftops and enjoy the breathtaking view into the deep of the Olympia stadion.
The Plexiglas plates fixed with rubber mounting are extreme robust, so You can walk on them (see photo down right).
In the background (see photo top right) You can see the floodlight tower, where the spectacular roping tour starts.

-> Photobook from the Sky walk on the Olympiatent roof

Guided tours take place from 21.03. until 31.10. at approx 14:30 o'clock in the afternoon.
Meetingpoint is Olympiastadion checkin north,further information under:
Reservation under Tel: 089/3067-2414
High above on top of the Olympia tent
Safety rope at the Olympiatentroof tour
Rubber mounting to fix the Plexiglas plates
The Plexiglas plates are very strong and accessible by foot
Model of the Olympia terrain with red marked tentrooftourOn the left You can study the 3D Model of the Olympia terrain with red marked tentrooftour.

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