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Optimal itinerary for 31 Days

LocationHotel / Bungalow / GuesthouseTraveltime / Flighttime / kmDays
Direct flight Munich -> Doha -> Yangon with Qatar Air (15 hours), timeshift +5,5 hours1
YangonSavoy HotelBogyoke Market, Circle Line, Shwedagon Pagoda2
MawlamyineAttran HotelDrive by car Yangon -> Mawlamyine circa 8 hours
Excursion to Mudon
Hpa anParami Guest HouseAt 12:30 ship Mawlamyine -> Hpa an, cruising time 5 hours, only Mo and Fr
Hiking onto the pilgrims Mt Zwekabin
ThantonThein Pyar Guest HouseDriving by car Hpa an -> Thanton
very simple accommodation, overnight stay better again in Hpa an
on the way visit the Kawgoon cave and the Bayin Nyi cave
YangonPanorama HotelDrive back Thanton -> Bago -> Yangon circa 6 hours
in the evening Cyberworld Internet
Pyin Oo Lwin, HsipawRoyal Park View Hotel
Candacraig Hotel
Wild West atmosphereColonial Style, horse drawn carriages, railway Gokteik Viaduct3
MandalayMandalay City HotelMandalay Hill, Amarapura, In-Wa, Sagaing2
MonywaMonywa HotelThanboddhay Pagoda2
BaganThande Hotel Old Baganboat trip Pakokku -> Bagan3
YangonPanorama Hotelin the evening Cyberworld Internet1
PyayMingalar Garden HotelSrikresttra, oxcart2
YangonPanorama HotelCyberworld Internet1
Mrauk UNawarat Hotel
Mrauk U Hotel
Boat trip, Chin village, Spider Web Women3
SittweNobel HotelSpeedboat to Taungoop1
NgapaliSilver Beach HotelDream beach Ngapali, fishing village Lontha, White Island4
YangonPanorama HotelSakura Tower, China Town, Sule Pagoda1
Flight back Yangon -> Doha -> Munich with Qatar Air (15 hours), timeshift -5,5 hours1

The most beautiful hotels and pensions on our second Myanmar journey

Savoy Hotel Yangon

The Savoy is a beautiful boutique five star colonial style hotel near the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon.
You can budget dinner at opposite Friendship Cafe & Food Company restaurant. There you get very tasty Spring Rolls and draft Tiger beer.
From the breakfast table we look directly at the golden shimmering Shwedagon Pagoda.
Luxery Savoy Hotel in Yangon

Attran Hotel in Mawlamyine

The Attran hotel is right on Thanlwin River near the bridge. The simple, clean bungalows with shower/WC/Tel. are divided into four parties. Dinner is served on the terrace nearby the river.
Attran Hotel in Mawlamyine

Parami Guest House in Hpa an

The Parami Guesthouse is located on a hill in the middle of the city. We get the nicest room in the 4th Floor. Huge poster with waterfalls decorate the walls. The stairs are so steep and with excessive levels - the ideal training for hiking Mount Zwekabin. The views of Hpa an and the surrounding limestone mountains are breathtaking.
Parami Guest House in Hpa an
Parami Guest House in Hpa anIn the evening there is Karaoke singing at Diamond Palace Res­taurant, unfortunately photographing is prohibited - its a pity the girls are really nice.
Thein Pyar Guest House in Thanton  Restaurant in einer Garage in Thanton

Thein Pyar Guest House

The Thein Pyar Guest House is located in the city center Thanton. The rooms are very simple, in the shower there is only cold water, but most important everything is clean.

Our street pub for dinner tonight is more reminiscent of a garage than a restaurant.
Proudly presents the cook in a small restaurant in Thanton its homemade pasta, he produces with an ancient pasta machine.
Ancient pasta machine at a restaurant in Thanton

Mandalay City Hotel

Modern central city hotel with a peaceful inner courtyard and good breakfast buffet. Built on the site of a former bus station. In the entrance hall is a nice goldfish pond.
Mandalay City Hotel
Our horse-drawn carriage in front of the Royal Parkview Hotel in Pyin Oo Lwin

Royal Parkview Hotel in Pyin Oo Lwin

Well maintained bungalow resort with beautiful garden. Great dinner at the onsite restaurant.

Candacraig Hotel

Not far away, but much more exclusive is the historic Candacraig hotel in colonial style.
The nostalgic horse drawn carriages let rise a kind of Wild West romance.
Exclusive Candacraig Hotel in Pyin Oo Lwin
Monywa Hotel

Monywa Hotel

Simply equipped bungalows, good dinner in the associated restaurant.

Very friendly stuff in the Monywa Hotel

Very friendly and family atmosphere - all the crew and stuff say good bye and waving to us as we leave to Pakokku.

Panorama Hotel Yangon

View from our room window of the Panorama Hotelin the 9th floor (room number 914) towards the Shwedagon Pagoda and the Yangon Railway Station. The rooms on the upper floors of the Panorama Hotel should be preferred because of the lower noise pollution. Good breakfast buffet.
Panorama Hotel Yangon  Eingang zum Panorama Hotel Yangon
Close to the Shwedagon Pagoda is located in a small park the very good Chinese restaurant Shan Kan. The gold of the Shwedagon Pagoda Reflected in the lake. For relaxation, you can rent a pedal boat in shape of a swan. Prices are in spite moderate for the upscale ambience (2 meals + 2 Myanmar Beer 7000 Kyat).

Outstanding burmese evening dance performance with very good Buffet in the Karaweik Hotel.

Am Pansodan Jetty (gegenüber vom Strand Hotel liegt das Junior Golden Duck Restaurant. Vom 1.Stock schöner Blick auf den Yangon River mit Sonnenuntergang - Spezialität "Roasted Duck".
China Restaurant Shan Kan in Yangon

Thande Hotel in Old Bagan

Idyllically located between pagodas inside the old city wall is the Thande Hotel in Old Bagan near Ayeyarwaddy River. Many beautiful Pagodas (z.B. That-Byin-Nyu Temple, Gaw-Daw-Palin Pagoda, Sunrise Pagoda Mi Nyein Gon) sind vom Hotel aus zufuss erreichbar.
Bungalows des Thande Hotel in Old Bagan  Pool mit Pagode im Thande Hotel in Old Bagan
Bungalows des Mingalar Garden Hotels in Pyay

Mingalar Garden Hotel in Pyay

Das Mingalar Garden Hotel liegt an Stadtrand von Pyay an einem kleinen See, umgeben von Palmen. Jeden Morgen findet eine spektakuläre Karpfenfütterung statt. Die Bungalows sind rund um den See gruppiert.
Restaurant und Rezeption des Mingalar Garden Hotels in Pyay

Nawarat Hotel in Mrauk U

Nawarat hotel was beautifully located, but the whole night is buzzing a electricity generator. Only the bungalows in the farthest corner of the apartment complex (eg No. 106) are reasonably quiet.
Located in immediate vicinity, the state-run Mrauk U Hotel looks fine from the outside.

Good meals we got in the hotel restaurant or in Moe Cherry restaurant not far away.
Nawarat Hotel in Mrauk U

Silver Beach Hotel in Ngapali

Very nice bungalows on Ngapali dream beach, excellent restaurant. Other good fish restaurants are located on the street behind the complex.
The sea water is crystal clear and the beach is absolutely clean, no alluvial prosperity garbage anywhere. The beach slopes gently into the sea, so is also suitable for small children. On the beach and in a souvenir shop beautiful freshwater pearl necklaces are offered at low price.

Here a List with more good hotels in Ngapali.
Bungalows under palm trees at the Silver Beach Hotel on Ngapali sandy beach
Gas station for Blackmarket gasoline

Blackmarket gasoline station

Extreme dangerous, what the two Burmese filling station attendants are doing here - a small spark and it makes bummmmmm :o(
The gasoline is filtered through a cloth.
1 gallon of gasoline costs on the black market 4-5 U.S.$ (as of February 2007).
The by government to the citizens allotted petrol is much cheaper with U.S.$ 1, but rationed per gallon in the amount. Frequent travelers must therefore buy on the black market.
Sai, our Burmese Travel Guide on the top platform of the Mahazedi Pagoda in Bago

Burmese travel guide

Sai is the best Travel Guide I've met in all my travels around the world. He knows his country perfectly, speaks very good English and is a very lovable, humorous person.
He accompanied us everywhere, climbed with us to dizzying heights, steep pagodas, scaffolded giant Buddha's, in the dark belly of the largest reclining Buddha in the world in Mudon and on summit of Mount Zwekabin.
The photo on the left was shot up in the air on the top platform of the steep Mahazedi pagoda in Bago.

Gourmet specialties

"Roasted Duck" is a specialty at Golden Duck Restaurant in Yangon on Pansodan Jetty. Without reservation it is hard to get a table tn the evening. The grilled ducks are served along with head.
Gourmet specialty Roasted Duck in Golden Duck Restaurant

Money Exchange

1000 Kyat (speak "Tschad") is currently the largest banknote in Myanmar

Exchange rate in February 2007: 1250 Kyat = 1 US$

On my entire 4 1/2-weeks journey through Myanmar I was rarely approached on the street for money exchange. So I was glad that Our Burmese travel companion had always enough money to change.
In hotels you can also change money, but generally you will get a worse exchange rate.
Burmese currency 1000 Kyat
Important: Take only absolutely new U.S.$ notes without signs of wear or cracks with you. Banknotes with slight damage won't be taken anywhere !
Golden Clover Travel & Tours in Yangon As travel agency with great customer service and excellent value for money I recommend

Golden Clover Travel & Tours in Yangon

Expert travel agency for Myanmar located in Yangon

Klaus-Dieter Mueller, the chief of Golden Clover (former Shwe Yoo) Travel & Tours in Yangon is living in Myanmar for more then 20 years. He is married to Shwe Yee, a very sympathetic Burmese and has three lovely daughters.

Optimal travel season

The optimal travel season with moderate climate is between November and March.
On end of October, the rainy season ends in Myanmar. From April it will be very hot (over 40 C in the shade) and in May, the rainy season begins.
After the experience of our first two Myanmar trips I will visit Burma next time at the end of October, beginning of November. In particular, on our second trip in February, the country was extremely dry, dusty and distance vision usually limited by strong haze. At the end of the rainy season, however, the air is much clearer and the landscape looks greener.
Unfortunately, during the peak season from December to March no large Burmese Festivals are celebrated.

Domestic flights

Domestic flights are easily and quickly carried out to the desired destination. Recommended are the Burmese airlines like Air Bagan, Air Mandalay and Yangon Air. Since Cyclone Nargis unfortunately only a few tourists visit Burma and so flights are sometimes delayed or canceled at short notice.
Landing approach of Air Bagan on the airport Thandwe in Ngapali

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