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Optimal itinerary

IslandsPension / Hotel / ApartementRental car, driven km / flight timeDays
nonstop flight Munich -> Ponta Delgada with SATA Air (4,5 hours), time shift -2 hours 
São MiguelSOLAR DE LALEM, alternatively
Casa do Monte, alternatively
Residential Casa do Jardim
Varela & Ca. Rent a Car, pick up and return at the airport, driven km: 500,
Flight São Miguel -> Flores with SATA Air (1 hour)
FloresArgonautaFlight Flores -> Faial with SATA Air (45 min)2
FaialVilla Belgica, alternatively
Residência Neves
Ilhaverde, takeover at the airport, return in the harbor at Horta, driven km: 300,
By ferry boat from Horta to Magdalena (1,5 hours)
PicoLodge Espaço TalassaTropical Rent a Car, takeover at the harbor in Madalena, return to the airport, driven km: 380,
Flight Pico -> Terceira with SATA Air (30 min)
TerceiraQuinta da Dotty, alternatively
Residential Terezinha
Ilhaverde, pick up and return at the airport near Praia Victoria, driven km: 280,
Flight Terceira -> Lisbon with TAP (2 hours), timeshift +1 hour
LissabonALBERGARIA SENHORA DO MONTE, alternatively
Residential Avenida Parque
Lisbon Card for public transport and museum tickets3
return flight Lisbon -> Munich with TAP (2,5 hours), time shift +1 hour 

The most beautiful Hotels, Apartments and Bead & Breakfasts

São Miguel

Under German leadership, the SOLAR DE LALEM located in Maia, is a noble residence from the 18th Century. Very comfortable rooms and good breakfast.


In a botanical garden on the outskirts of Ponta Delgada is the Casa do Jardim. The rooms are in the souterain the old manor house.

Casa do Jardim


Located high above Horta (passing the old windmills in direction Caldeira) with stunning views downto Horta and Pico volcano is the Vila BELGICA.

Vila Belgica


In Lajes everything is all about whales and whale watching. 1987 the last whale was slaughtered in Lajes. Since then, whaling is banned on the Azores. Also for Whale watching, there are strict rules and minimum distances to ensure that animals are not disturbed.

Here the breathtaking view from the balcony of our room to the Pico volcano in the Lodge Espaço Talassa.

View from the balcony of our room at the Lodge Espaço Talassa


Near Angra do Heroismo is located the small Guesthouse of the currently unique German family living on Terceira:


Caution: Staying overnight in Praia da Vitória is not recommended because it is close to a huge military base of the American (Aircraft noise from low-flying combat jets flying directly over the city, danger of crashing down, risk of terrorist attacks).
Residential Terezinha

Capital city Lisbon

An absolute insider tip with stunning views over Lisbon is the ALBERGARIA SENHORA DO MONTE at the Miradouro Senhora do Monte im Stadtteil Graça.
A stop of tram line 28 is nearby.

Albergaria Senhora Do Monte
The small, quiet beside the Parque Eduardo VII situated hotel is a good starting point for walking tours in and around Lisbon. The next Metro connection is at the Marques de Pombal and the Aerobus to the airport stops nearby.
(Unfortunately, during our visit in July 2005 in front and behind the hotel were some large buildings under construction)
Airshot of Marques de Pombal, lefthand the Residential Avenida Parque Hotel

Island hopping

Between the Azores islands operates the SATA Air Açores mainly with turboprop aircrafts.

When visiting several islands of the Azores its worth to buy the Airpass.
You can obtain the Azores Airpass only if arriving on the Azores by SATA Air.

Difficult is the flight booking if the return flight with the TAP Air Portugal should take place for the purpose of stopover in Lisbon.
Therefore you best use the experience of a good specialist tour operator such as Sea Breeze TRAVEL in Augsburg.
SATA Air Açores

From Faial to Pico with the ferry boat

The ships of the ferry company Transmaçor connect the islands Faial, Pico, São Jorge, Terceira and Graciosa.

The passage from Horta (Faial) to Madalena (Pico) takes only half an hour. Very nice view back to Horta.
Ferry boat Transmaçor to Pico

Rental car

Without a rental car you will not get far on the Azores. You can take public buses, but they operate usually only mornings and evenings. The constant waiting for the bus so costs too much time. If you don't want to drive yourself, you can hire a taxi and driver for a full day. The taxi driver then stops all the beautiful locations.
Gasoline was in comparison to Germany very cheap (in July 2005 circa 0.95 Euro).

Good experience (brand new vehicles in top condition) I have made with the following car rental agencies:
Rental car of Varela in the Jardim Jose do Canto near Sao Miguel
The road network on the islands is well developed. The Portuguese would rather drive carefully and defensively. Only in the very narrow one-way streets of Ponta Delgada increased attention is required.

The only unpaved road was on Faial from Flamengo to Capelinhos. A 4WD vehicle is not necessary.

Picnic areas and viewpoints

Throughout the islands, there are at the most scenic places well maintained picnic areas and viewpoints (Miradouros) with parking lots.

The resting and picnic areas are very well equipped with grill and fire wood.

Travel forecasts for the Azores:

Azores anticyclone and Icelandic low pressure, Gulf Stream

The Azores as Weather citchen of Europe are wellknown for many rainy days.
Nevertheless in the 16 days of our Azores stay in the beginning of Juli it never rained !

Best travelseason:

During the months of July and August on all the islands the beautiful hydrangeas are blooming.
Rustic Picnic Area on the Azores island Faial

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