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The panic and mass hysteria that are spread by media, politicians, virologists from the Robert Koch Institute and WHO in Germany and around the world appear irresponsible and cannot be justified by any scientific knowledge. In Germany more than 950,000 people are dieing annually, the majority of them because of their old age. Due to the Corona crisis in Germany, additional 9300 people, all of them died in very old age (above 80 years).
Even in the EU country Italy worst affected by the corona virus with currently more than 253400 infections, the numbers speak for themselves. More than 630,000 unavoidable annual deaths in Italy are further increased by the corona pandemic by 35470 Corona victims. In the international comparison Italy has the worst healthcare system in the world of Covid-19 infectious diseases !!! Assuming that Corona is actually the real cause of death and not the natural age-related death rate ?
The good news:
In China, where the corona virus first appeared, the number of corona infections has been stagnating since four weeks with 84640 infected people, the number of healed people is continuously increasing and currently 79550 people. The number of new infections with Sars-CoV-2 has been decreasing significantly for 4 weeks. The Chinese are slowly returning to normal everyday life. It took about 4 weeks in China to successfully fight the Corona Virus. If the current Corona Virus figures from China are correct, the danger in Germany will hopefully soon be reduced drastically.
The Chinese government, doctors and hospitals seem to have done everything right with the difficulty of much higher population density than in Europe. They have only completely sealed off the province of Hubai and the city Wuhan and not like e.g. Italy arbitrarily paralyzed the whole country in a panic reaction.
Current successes of the Chinese in the fight against corona virus or Overview of Corona Virus worldwide
According to the current knowledge of the WHO, a corona infection affects relatively mild in more than 80% of people. Many young people have no or only slight symptoms. According to the WHO, older people from the age of 60 and those with serious previous illnesses such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes or cancer are particularly at risk. Most deaths occur in the over 80 age group. Fortunately, children hardly show symptoms of the dangerous lung disease.
Instead of isolating entire countries and crippling their production, all research centers around the world should work together intensively to develop an effective corona vaccine as quickly as possible and distribute it worldwide.
Completely open in future is the crucial question of how quickly the corona virus changes and whether already infected people who have successfully survived the disease are immune to repeated infection ?
The rapid development and worldwide production of a Corona vaccine is extremely important in our globalized world. Without an effective vaccine, if global travel restrictions are relaxed, new pandemics will occur again and again until the majority of the world's population is immune.

Another vital question in my opinion is how long can the Corona Virus survive outside the human body ? E.g. in the supermarket, where a customer passes the shopping cart on to the next customer, looks almost like "shaking hands", in the fitness gym where the handles of the training equipment are often touched without thorough disinfection, or in the catering trade with poorly rinsed glasses.
It is absolutely enigmatic and irrational why the politicians and the media did not spread panic in the very dangerous influenza flu epidemic, where alone in Germany 25,000 people died in 2017/18 ?
Currently there are 9300 Corona deaths in Germany and the whole country is paralyzed. Why are life-threatening virus epidemics rated so differently ?
But even worse is the incredible dependence of the production of vital medicines on two foreign countries, China and India.
The Merkel government is responsible for this grossly negligent outsourcing of the production of vital medicines in Germany. She had enough time in government to restrict the Delusion of profit of the pharmaceutical industry and the murderous savings madness of the health insurance companies by law.

The Corona epidemic clearly shows the serious disadvantages of the delusion of globalization with uninhibited economic growth due to the greed for profit of our capitalist system, the explosively increased worldwide travel, the opening of borders and the fateful dependency caused by the relocation of vital industrial production to cheap countries.
After the successful fight against Covid-19 in the country of origin China, Europe is now mainly affected. The Corona crisis could lead to a currency reform with a sharp depreciation of the purchasing power of the euro, since the euro states Italy and Spain were completely bankrupt even before Corona. The worldwide extremely high corona death rate in Italy (35470) and Spain (29010) suggests that in these euro states, all age-related deaths are simply declared as Covid-19 ? Clever England left the "honorable club" just in time :o))

Figures used without guarantee - Blog posted on 12.03.2020.